What occurs to an electrical vehicle’s efficacy when towing?

The result is as almost any automobile would be the e-tron is much less efficient whilst towing a trailer. It averaged 769 watt-hours per mile (Wh/mi) in an average rate of 60 miles in 35-degree moist weather. From our calculations, it might attain a range of around 105 milesper hour For charging that means stops.

For contrast, an unladen e-tron is ranked at 204 miles from the joint test and 203 miles from the EPA’s street evaluation of the EPA. It attained an estimated range of 190 kilometers at C/D’s 75-mph street evaluation, averaging 502 Wh/mi. There are differences between the evaluation and our evaluation of Audi, therefore it is not an apples-to-apples contrast. Our evaluation takes into consideration charging inefficiencies, has been conducted in weather, also has a greater rate.

This information is for revealing EVs handle towing interesting, and we expect to find out more testing. The e-tron is rated to tow 4000 lbs using its $650 towing package that was discretionary.