The front back of the approaching truck will have two compartments, as exhibited in a patent application and may be accessed without opening the hood.


  • The frunk, that has two distinct compartments, may be accessed without opening the hood; the patent examples reveal that it could be attained by opening the grille.
  • Ford has not published specs for its very first all-electric pickup nonetheless; it is expected to make its debut sometime in 2021.
  • Extra cargo space at front, in which the motor is situated, is among benefits of having a totally electric powertrain. We have yet to use one, although we are utilized to automobiles using frunks.


The frunk of the will be available before opening the hood. The cargo space could be obtained by opening the grille. It is apparently well lit, and there are just two bins which could slide in and out of their back. The bin can turn out to the side, allowing access and then the region is illuminated by lighting on the side.


As the capacities of the, Ford has to share specs or details for. It did, but pull a stunt off in July where a prototype F-150 EV towed a lone million-pound train stuffed with 42 F-150 pickups.


Ford’s first entirely electric pickup truck will probably make its debut sometime in 2021, and based upon the time, it might be the very first electrical pickup we watch here from the U.S. That is only in doubt due to the amount of additional electrical pickups in evolution, such as startups Rivian and Bollinger, not to mention the Tesla Cybertruck. We’re convinced, and the race to the pickup is really on, will come the contest for which one gets the frunk.