It is not just the mainstream automakers which do good company. Luxury manufacturers do, too, and with considerable success.


Luxury automakers are offering incentives in the month of December, using a variety of marketing strategies involving snow, family, and holiday imagery.

Many of the incentives go through January 2 and include leasing and financing deals.

It’s not only holiday soul; automakers do considerably better in the previous month of the year than in the two months prior.

Do people buy vehicles as Christmas gifts?


You’ve likely seen many of their car advertisements they’re all beginning to run together. They might have interesting euphemisms for “year-end markdowns” such as “December to Remember” and “Season of humor,” but they’re essentially incentivized deals on sales, renting, and funding. And a number of them, beyond also the vision that is snowflake and the oversize bows, actually may bring the cost of a vehicle down.


Sometimes they are intended only to clean out the previous model year’s inventory by New Year’s Eve, including in the event of the 2019 Ford Fusion sale declared this week that cuts the midsize sedan’s cost by 20 percent. Luxury brands have incentives on 2019 and 2020 model year vehicles, with the best deals coming on prior-year new cars. Even Aston Martin is getting in on the match with a “Joyful and Triumphant” sale, advertisements a no-money-down rental on the Vantage with payments of $1699 per month. Automakers’ advertised incentives often include leasing and financing deals, most of which end on January 2.


Eight of the 10 top-performing firms in our evaluation of December earnings are luxury brands. GMC and Mazda have been the two exceptions, with GMC selling vehicles in December. (We excluded manufacturers with fewer than 1000 sales in any of the three months analyzed over the past four decades.)


It’s not merely incentives that push up December earnings, however they play a part in the general growth in sales.


So, if you’re going to make the most of some of those ongoing deals or incentives, then don’t wait too long — but be sure to read up before you venture out to the wild west of auto dealerships.